Kirra Point Lookout
Kirra Beach is the beachside suburb on the Northern side of Coolangatta at the Southern end of the Gold Coast

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Kirra is a beachside suburb of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The small rocky headland, Kirra Point, separates Kirra Beach to the north and Coolangatta Beach to the south, and is noted as one of the world's premier surf breaks.

In the past the surf break was known for producing high quality barrels. Today sand pumping across the Tweed River mouth has filled it in and changed its character. Luckily, the State Govt. and Gold coast Council have stepped in to remove upward of 100.000 cubic metres of sand and take it back to its former surfing glory


This is a fantastic eagle sculpture at  Kirra Point Lookout

Kirra Point.

Kirra Beach. They have now removed about 100,000 cubic metres of sand from it to take it back to its former glory days of being a top point break.